"One for the Road"

(Ger 2003, 9 min, 16mm,color)

scene of 'One for the Road'
scene of'One for the Road'
A business woman, successful but lonely , picks up a sexy hitchhiker. She has everything under control, he is impulsive and unpredictable. His calmness makes her frantic; her unerring attacks make the seemingly casual guy turn out as a dogmatic babbitt. The sexual desire of the two ideological opponents leads into a suppressed fight against each other - desire and anger under the disguise of a civilized discussion.

When he wants to get out at the next filling station, she start her last futile attempt to bargain with him.

Apparently, almost an advertisement, dialogues like propaganda for a product, heal-world aesthetic and erotic insinuations are just made for a subversive use.