(Ger 2004, 7 min, 16mm, color)

A short film about friendship, money and happiness

The friends Boris, Slawomir and Ernst want nothing but to participate in the great Fernsehquizshow. But the hurdles are high, and justice is not inevitable in this world!

The three older gents know how to help themselves:
In the car they are following the show on a portable TV with great interest. Once again their superiority is confirmed: The three - first of all Ernst - are cleverer than any candidate. The TV show ends with an undeserved winner: The candidate chickens out of the one-million-euro-question and is content with half. Was that necessary? Is there nothing to do about? Look at the candicate's world with different eyes: Where others resign, the real "game show" begins.


The film was financed by Jan Rieger, Lessismore Pictures was executive producer, co-produced by the TFH Berlin (degree course camera) and the FH Potsdam (degree course cultural studies)