Burning cop (2007)

How much are we willing to risk for our luck?

A washed up cop hostaged in a hotelroom, 50th floor by a female assassin
who is willing to everything. Both recognize the dead end of their life.
10 minutes later, a police squad stormes the room.

10 minutes to jump into a new life or death.

Quiz Show (2004)

Three old geezers want nothing but taking part in a quiz show. The hurdles are high and justice not for granted in this world, but where others give in, the real quiz show begins...

New New Economy (2005)

The advertising spot of a one-man-company: Rent-A-Cook. But this cook isn´t what you expect at all ...

One for the Road (2003)

A business woman, successful but lonely, gives a young, sexy hitchhiker a ride, with whom she hopes for a sparkling night. He swops - living without money, for her money is minted freedom. Both defend their way of life and have to pay the bill.